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Cool, Isn't it.

This site covers many topics that are relevant to me and I hope you find something useful on these pages. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome. This page contains background music, which you might be hearing now. If your computer speakers are switched off, please switch them on and Enjoy!

1. Well, if you are an employer and looking for a person to fill in a vacancy, you can have a look at my Bio Data . Click here for my Biodata.

2. A very effective way to type not only fast but also easily without giving strain to your fingers. No need to change your keyboard or incur any additional expenditure. Click here for details.

3. A very simple game which is easy to play but is still very interesting and engrossing. Try it out here.

4. Here is a small collection of elephant jokes to drive your friends crazy. Click here for elephant jokes.

5. If you liked the elephant jokes you will definitely enjoy these riddle jokes. Click here for the riddle jokes.

6. Or if you don't like jokes and riddles you can try the world's easiest quiz. It's a very short and fast quiz and should'nt take more than 5 minutes for the 10 short questions. Hopefully, you should score 10 out of 10. Click here for the Worlds Easiest Quiz.

7. Do you find that you are very busy and find very little or no time to pray? If yes, then click here for some motivation.

8. Also here is the Student Prayer or the Prayer for Success in Examinations. This prayer has to be said once before any exam and upon success in the exam you should publish it in any newspaper. Click here for the prayer.


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